The general concept of the Channeline product is that a remarkably stiff and strong panel section is constructed, but with a relatively thin wall. The product differs from that of standard GRP hand or filament wound pipework in several fundamental and important ways. Normal GRP pipework consists of windings of layers of resin-saturated glass, which is impregnated with sand, achieving its stiffness by building up ever increasing wall thickness. Channeline however, derives its strength and stiffness through a different method, employing the mechanics of sandwich panel design, incorporating a unique polymer and aggregate core.

The first stage of Channeline manufacture is an inner sandwich structure incorporating a 1.5 mm (0.06 inch) corrosion barrier on the inside surface which is manufactured from high grade surface veil, precisely impregnated with Isophthalic or Vinyl Ester resin, followed by several layers of thoroughly impregnated multi-axial engineered fabric and CSM, forming the inner sandwich skin.

The central core comprising of carefully metered amounts of silica and resin which is pre- batched, mixed and evenly applied to the exact thickness required.

The outer sandwich skin is then formed using several further layers of multiaxial fabric, CSM and resin, with the outer surface being treated with a bonded graded aggregate to enhance adhesion to the annular grout, which is used during the installation phase.

The sandwich construction process is continuous, and carefully monitored and controlled ensuring exceptional bonding of all layers throughout the process.